Introduction to the company

Introduction to Boozarjomehr Company:

Paya Tajarate Boozarjomehr is active in the field of supplying and selling various types of wires, cables, electrical equipment, and electrical goods.
Our 35 years of presence in the specialized market of the country’s electrical industry, especially in wires, cables, and electrical goods, is our valuable backbone in the company. Relying on this valuable backbone and the support of the founder of the Boozarjomehr group, Mr. Hassan Boozarjomehri, as well as considering the need to respond to the new market demands, Paya Tejarat Boozarjomehr company was founded by engineer Milad Boozarjomehri, and a new phase of activity for this group began.
Customer trust, as the biggest and most valuable asset of this company on one hand, and the expansion of fields of activity and services provided in Paya Tajar Boozarjomehr on the other hand, have led the company to establish a permanent location to offer its products and services to customers in a way that they can make a more informed choice and receive complete technical and specialized information when making a purchase.
Paya Tejarat Boozarjomehr considers this method of service as a way to serve its audience and in this regard, by establishing a permanent showroom, it has presented its products for the precise selection of customers.

Currently, Boozarjomehr Trading Company is an official representative for the sales and supply of various electrical products from reputable brands. The main activity of this company is supplying and selling various types of building and industrial wires and cables (medium and high voltage) as well as supplying and selling all electrical equipment for buildings including various types of lighting fixtures, intercoms, building automation systems, precision instruments, and more in the field of building electrical equipment.
Paya Tejarat Bouzarjomher is currently the exclusive representative of Hamedan Cable and Wire, which is the second largest producer of various types of cables and wires in Iran according to international standards.
Furthermore, this company is proud to be the official representative of Electrik Khorasan Industrial Company (Afsharnejad) as the producer of the highest quality copper wire and cable in the country.
Paya Trading Company is also the official representative of the Lighting Production Company, producing unique and high-quality products in various types of lamps and lighting. Additionally, it represents Yazd Polika Company as the producer of the highest quality electrical conduit pipes in the country. Furthermore, Paya Tajar Company is an official representative of FEC (Fine Electrical Company) in providing various types of lighting and illumination products.

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