Department of Pipes and Ducts.

Department of Pipes, Ducts, and Bus Ducts.

The safe transmission and conduction of electrical current in a network is primarily accomplished through wires and cables, usually facilitated by dedicated pipes and ducts. The quality of these materials plays a crucial role in preventing potential hazards associated with this transmission. Paya Tejarat Boozarjomehr is the official representative of Yazd Polika, known as a manufacturer of the highest quality electrical building pipes.

This department provides services in the following subdivisions:

  • Sale of various types of pipes Non-flammable PVC pipes, Polyethylene pipes, Polyamide pipes, Metal hose pipes, Plastic hose pipes, Cold galvanized pipes, Hot-dip galvanized pipes, Metal conduits
  • We offer sales of various types of wall ducts, including: Simple wall ducts,Grooved wall ducts, Partitioned wall ducts, Cornice wall ducts, Floor sleepers or floor ducts
  • We offer sales of various types of bus ducts,
  • sales of various types of cable trays
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